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Creemos que la tecnología debe unir a las personas, hacer que el mundo sea más pequeño, empoderar a las personas y a las pequeñas empresas y, al mismo tiempo, reducir los costos y las ineficiencias para las empresas globales.

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Hemos pasado rápidamente de ser una empresa emergente con sede en Suiza en 2019 a un líder mundial en tecnología agrícola. Nuestra visión es que la digitalización, la transparencia y la sustentabilidad son las mayores oportunidades en el sector de alimentos y bebidas. Aportamos soluciones tecnológicas de vanguardia que potencian la acción en todos estos ámbitos. Y nuestras soluciones destacan porque conectan los datos a lo largo de toda la cadena de suministro, desde los agricultores que trabajan en el campo hasta los consumidores que beben de una taza. 

Nuestra historia sigue evolucionando. En 2021 llevamos a cabo una exitosa ronda de financiación de Serie A, nos unimos a la plataforma oficial del Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas y contribuimos activamente al ODS 12 (Consumo y producción responsables). Queremos facilitar que las personas hagan lo correcto en tiempo real, en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar, a medida que nos convertimos en el líder en datos conectados en las cadenas de suministro del café y cacao.

Nuestra ética de trabajo está impulsada por nuestros valores: hacer cosas reales, no ser codiciosos, centrarse en los resultados, moverse rápido y ser el mejor en lo que se hace.

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Anna Lemes

Business Analyst

Born and raised in a tropical country, but passionate about winter and snow. My heart is divided by a very nice Brazilian barbecue with a cold beer and a cup of coffee while wrapped in a blanket.

Damien Frew

Software Engineer

My first wow moment with coffee was a Yirgacheffe coffee that I roasted in my garden with a heat gun and a bread maker.

Diana Kaliff

Business Development Manager

Love adventures in nature, fun-loving people and some good old swedish "Fika".

D.J Bodden

Chief Operations Officer

Every good story starts with someone being forced out of their comfort zone into something new.

Eleanor Curtis-Lewis

Head of Finance

Despite the many great coffees I've tasted and learned about during my time here - I still can't start the day without that perfect cup of tea!

Fabian Portmann

Chief Technology Officer

Loving life at the intersection of gardening, memes, Age of Empires 2, mathematical physics, Caribbean music & skiing!

Guilherme Teixeira

Lead Software Architect

Like most South American football fans, I'm often wearing a football shirt with mate tea in one hand.

Jaqueline Tomasini Castro

Senior Business Analyst

Mother to over 100 plants, maker of potions and DYI aficionado

Jose Cortinas

Business Analyst

Quidditch and football fan. I love wine and chocolate and making my own mayo

Julietta de Guingand

Junior Business Analyst

I'm a big fan of Australian Football and stand up comedy. You'll always find me drinking a chai, matcha or coffee! (And I'm an aunt to over 100 plants).

Kristian Doolan

Integration Specialist & Senior Project Manager

Growing up on a farm in semi-arid desert in Australia I first saw snow at 23 years old when in Boston. A year later I cycled/camped around Norway during winter, minus 20 in a tent.. It was chilly.

Kristof Szabo

Project Manager

I grow a selection tropical trees/plants at home e.g.: litchi, mango, jackfruit, longan, rambutan, passion fruit, avocado, pineapple, mangosteen

Leila Nairi

Office Manager

Demand quality, not just in the product you buy, but in the life of the person who made it

Marion Guedj

Head of Product Experience

I’m a huge DIY fan - from designing jewelry lines to painting on huge canvases to renovating vintage chairs, I like it all!

Marco Cavalazzi

Infra & DevOps Engineer

Working and living the life with style is what drives me because I believe the journey is as important as reaching the goal.

Matteo Locher

Lead Software Engineer

If you can't get a hold of me, check the skies, I might be flying above your head with my paraglider.

Miroslav Sova

Product Owner

I travel to random places around Europe on my mountain bike with my Jack Russell Terrier in the basket.

Nathana Paiva Reis

Business Development Manager - Brazil

Do you have a dream? Let me know. We can structure and make it happen!

Sarah Faurie

Content and Community Manager

FC_meet the team
I don't mind being knee deep in snow because it's an opportunity to have fun and let my inner child show

Sheil Kataria

Business Development Manager

Being a bit of a coffee geek, I could probably run a small roastery & coffee shop from my kitchen!

Conozca al Directorio

Dave Behrends

Founder and President of farmer connect


Filippo Catalano

EVP Chief Information and Digitization Officer at Reckitt


Nicolas A. Tamari

CEO at Sucafina


Souleima Baddi

CEO at komgo®


Stefano Rettore

Senior Leader in the Agrifood Sector and Non-Executive Director of Deoleo



Mauricio Cardenas

Former Minister of Finance and Public Credit in Colombia


Gonzalo Ramirez Martiarena

Independent Entrepreneur

Gonzalo 1

Ric Rheinhart

Executive Director Emeritus of the Specialty Coffee Association

La asociación con farmer connect es un éxito en muchos niveles. Nuestros socios comerciales aprecian este uso innovador de la tecnología en nuestra cadena de suministro. Nuestros consumidores aprecian la transparencia que está influyendo positivamente en la compra. Segafredo Storia no se trata solo del sabor, se trata de conocer más a fondo a los hacedores de su café, su tierra natal y sus historias... Se trata de crear una conexión más personal con su café"
Alberto Lusini, Jefe del norte de Europa de Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group