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Bell Springs sustainability project

Preserving water resources is an essential step to protect humanity and, consequently, agriculture. Therefore, as part of its sustainability agenda, Cooxupé, as of March, started the project “Nascentes da Mata do Sino (Bell Springs)”.

The initiative promotes the protection of springs in the region of Mata do Sino, district of Juruaia/MG. (It is worth remembering that the cooperative already maintains the Minas D’Água project, implemented in Guaxupé/MG).

The choice of location was due to the scarcity of water faced by farmers and generally, by the population within the region.

How will it work? The project will encourage farmers to establish new conservation zones along watercourses. To this end, the initiative will provide support and fencing to protect the area. In addition, the project will provide training to farmers on how to protect water resources and maintain conservation areas in good condition. 

Benefits? In view of this, ''Nascentes da Mata do Sino (Bell springs)'' aims to stimulate greater water infiltration into the soil. Thus, generating greater availability of water, both on the surface and underground. At the same time, this also helps improve the quality of the water with the natural filtration carried out by the plants, which also helps in the process of holding soil erosion and the silting up of the rivers caused by the dragging of sediments during the rains. Finally, the addition of vegetation on the site will favor natural regeneration and the growth of biodiversity, both for fauna and flora.

The project is supported by Sucafina and farmer connect.

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