London School of Economics team up with Farmer Connect!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The LSE research team led by Associate Professor Rocco Macchiavello is excited to be conducting research in collaboration with Farmer Connect, a tech startup building farmer-to-consumer traceability solutions for enterprises. The collaboration will rely on randomized control trials (RCTs) to understand how the transformative impact of Farmer Connect in connecting farmers, traders, roasters, brands, and consumers via the Thank My Farmer and Farmer ID solutions can be realized.

The LSE Research Team and Farmer Connect will work together to understand consumers’ willingness to pay for traceability, sustainability, and social programs that affect the farmers’ community; as well as drivers of consumers’ willingness to donate through the Thank My Farmer App. The collaboration will also explore drivers of, and impact of, take-up of the Farmer ID app connecting farmers to the digital supply chain. Researchers, in collaboration with Farmer Connect, plan to evaluate the impact of proof of identity and income on the farmers’ livelihood.

We are very much looking forward to the collaboration!

Team Farmer Connect

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