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We develop end-to-end traceability solutions specifically designed to serve our customers from the farm gate all the way to end consumers. 

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Digital traceability platform


We offer a flexible traceability platform that can be easily integrated into your enterprise systems to fit your requirements
field connect 2

FieldConnect enables offline source level transactions, even in remote areas with limited or NO connectivity. Upon regaining internet access, effortlessly upload data to ConnectHub, ensuring supply chain integrity.


Image 6 - FarmerID

FarmerID is a digital wallet solution based on Self-Sovereign Identity, which allows farmers to connect to the agriculture supply chain, empowering them with their own digital identity and record of financial transactions.

Image 4 - ConnectHub

ConnectHub is your portal to all the farmer connect tools that enable the management of data across multiple stakeholders throughout the supply chain. ConnectHub gives visibility across the product and fund journeys.

Image 2 - thank my farmer_

ThankMyFarmer™ is a web-based app that allows your customers and business partners, by scanning a QR code on pack, to trace the origins and quality of a product and learn about origin communities and sustainability programs.

Interact with farmers and producers

  • Record farmer and farm information to field POLYGON level to overcome transparency challenges

  • Manage and confirm payments and good delivery transactions with farmers
  • Record sustainability practice data, certifications and credentials
  • Enable GDPR compliant traceability to farmer level in accordance with European and international laws
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Centralise data collection

  • Simplify communications along the supply chain
  • Overcome operational challenges to traceability
  • Gain understanding of product provenance and supply chains
  • Bring together data from across even the most complex supply chains, and ensure a consistent tracking of your sustainability data
Centralise data collection

Capture blockchain-backed traces

  • Record product trace information on the blockchain
  • Visually map and zoom into product traces
  • Easily share trace information with your business partners and clients
blockchain backed traces

Gain insights into your trace data

  • Dig deeper into your data and build customisable reports on top of our blockchain reporting engine
  • Analyse the data and gain insights into your traces
  • Link it it all together to uncover areas where action can be taken
  • Share credible, blockchain-backed, traceability reports with business partners and investors
  • Report on Corporate Social Responsibility goals, fulfil reporting & regulatory requirements
Insights into trace data

Build and share landing pages

  • Compile relevant information together to build rich B2B and B2C landing pages
  • Bring your product story to life through interactive product journey maps
  • Generate and customise QR codes for individual product lots / SKUs to bring users onto your pages
  • Deliver engaging content and gain insights into your user interactions

Build landing pages
Our Solutions


farmer connect embraces agile & customer-centric software development to ensure incremental value delivery
Our distinctive edge is bringing together different technologies to create unique and business focused solutions. In order to provide end-to-end tooling in the supply chain, we focus on the solution-layer of the software stack, and work with partners when it comes to specialisation. Some of the technologies we use: 


IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply
Blockchain-based traceability engine


Trinsic Self-Sovereign Identity
 Digital infrastructure for building identity products


Microsoft Azure 
Cloud computing platform


 Scalable programmable-SMS platform with global reach

Our platform delivers

  • Solution scalability
  • Speed and flexibility during delivery
  • Secure, private and compliant data capture
  • Interoperability
secure platform


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traceable and transparent brand

Create a traceable & transparent brand

Make defendable claims about sustainability & enhance consumers' perception of your brand. 

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Connect your B2B product with data

Market traceable & transparent goods and valorise certain types of supply chain actions.

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trace payments

Trace payments to farmers and entities

Send money & financing to suppliers and collect information on the impact of payments. 

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Join a value generating network

  • Create new, trust-based, business relationships in your supply chain
  • Find possible partners, such as sellers, buyers and service providers, who participate in the farmer connect ecosystem
  • Find content and specifications for traceable products 
value generating network
"Supply chain traceability is about being able to guarantee to premium customers that you get what you pay for. As supply chains become visible, efficiencies are obtained, ultimately resulting in a larger share of the pie for farmers, helping to secure the economic viability of their farms. Both consumers and producers benefit."