Thank My Farmer™

Consumers can use the Thank My Farmer™ app to scan a QR code on the pack of a finished good to access the story behind the product.


Thank My Farmer™ goes even one step further, allowing consumers to donate directly to sustainability projects in the farmers’ communities and, soon, to the actual producers that grew the raw goods. All of this can be done in a safe tech environment, with digital confirmation that the donations have indeed reached their intended destination.


We think everyone benefits when consumers know where their products come from, and we make that possible at scale.

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farmer connect platform

farmer connect platform is closing the supply chain gap, where traceability data traveling through the supply chain is safely stored and validated by all parties involved.


farmer connect platform is built around a blockchain core, powered by IBM, which allows for the safe storage and sharing of business data. We’ve expanded our reach by allowing partners to upload information through forms and spreadsheet templates, as well as full system integration through APIs.


Standardizing and simplifying data is the first step towards digital supply chain efficiencies.

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Farmer ID


With a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solution at the core, Farmer ID allows producers to safely store & manage digital versions of identification documents, transaction receipts or (agricultural) certifications in one place.​

The complementary Community Builder allows field teams to register & manage producers, as well as initiate transactions which are automatically synchronized with the Farmer Connect Platform. One can also issue credentials with data from surveys and field visits of third-party extension service providers (independents to certifications)​.​

Through Farmer ID, producers connect to the digital supply chain and get proof of their identity and income. The aim is to support SME access to finance to invest in businesses and improve living conditions. No matter the terrain or continent, producers can participate in our ecosystem through Farmer ID.

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