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About us

Swiss-based tech company delivering trusted end-to-end traceability solutions to global supply chains. 

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Why farmer connect? 

farmer connect

Our company was born out of an identified industry need and an honest desire to find a solution that integrated the farmer at origin into the supply chain.

The dream was to create a scalable and interoperable end-to-end solution that started right from the source and continued all the way to the final consumer. 


Today our solution offers our customers the ability to consolidate sustainability data across entire supply chains to address compliance and reporting needs. From first mile onboarding at scale to systematic reporting for regulatory bodies, banks, corporate needs or consumers.  

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farmer connect timeline (mobile)
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We empower action in the areas of digitalisation, sustainability and transparency,  and deliver solutions to our clients that deliver on their goals and help them overcome operational challenges to traceability. 


Our vision

We are a tech company that brings trust across supply chains. Our ambition is to become the industry standard for traceability.

Our mission

We deliver E2E traceability across complex food and agriculture supply chains, addressing regulatory compliance needs, organisational efficiency and ESG based differentiators. 

We support

sustainabiltiy goals-1
These are the primary SDGs that we are actively contributing to through our various projects.
If you have questions and would like to understand more about how we are contributing to them, reach out to us here and let's have a chat. 

Meet the Team


Anna Lemes

Business Analyst

Born and raised in a tropical country, but passionate about winter and snow. My heart is divided by a very nice Brazilian barbecue with a cold beer and a cup of coffee while wrapped in a blanket.

Fabian Portmann

Chief Technology Officer

Loving life at the intersection of gardening, memes, Age of Empires 2, mathematical physics, Caribbean music & skiing!

Farès Meliani

Sales Representative

A friend of mine told me to break a leg right before learning how to ski, I did, and I still don’t know how to ski ! So i’m sticking to MTB and Squash !

Jose Cortinas

Business Analyst

Quidditch and football fan. I love wine and chocolate and making my own mayo

Julietta de Guingand

Business Analyst / Product Manager

I'm a big fan of Australian Football and stand up comedy. You'll always find me drinking a chai, matcha or coffee!

Kristian Doolan

Head of Innovation & Partnerships

Growing up on a farm in semi-arid desert in Australia I first saw snow at 23 years old when in Boston. A year later I cycled/camped around Norway during winter, minus 20 in a tent.. It was chilly.

Kristof Szabo

Customer Success

I grow a selection tropical trees/plants at home e.g.: litchi, mango, jackfruit, longan, rambutan, passion fruit, avocado, pineapple, mangosteen

Marco Cavalazzi

Site Reliability & DevOps Engineer

Working and living the life with style is what drives me because I believe the journey is as important as reaching the goal.
Matina post - welcome employee-2

Martina Nigi

Head of Sales

I am grounded, generous and have remarkably high tolerance for taking chances.Perspective that shaped me was a Seneca's “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.

Matteo Locher

Lead Software Engineer

If you can't get a hold of me, check the skies, I might be flying above your head with my paraglider.

Miroslav Sova

Head of Product

I travel to random places around Europe on my mountain bike with my Jack Russell Terrier in the basket.
Rebecca_Smith pic

Rebecca Smith

Office & HR Administrator

Living for adventure, tennis, and the joy of wine, you'll often find me hanging out with my black Lab, making every day an epic journey.

Sarah Granier

Marketing Manager

I don't mind being knee deep in snow because it's an opportunity to have fun and let my inner child show
Susanne Emonet

Susanne Emonet


I love it when technology is used to solve real problems - that is why I am so happy to be part of farmer connect. Let's make this world a little better.

Meet the Board


Dave Behrends

Founder of farmer connect


Filippo Catalano

EVP Chief Information and Digitization Officer at Reckitt


Nicolas A. Tamari

CEO at Sucafina


Souleima Baddi

CEO at komgo®


Stefano Rettore

Chairman of farmer connect, Senior Leader in the Agrifood Sector and Non-Executive Director of Deoleo

Meet our Advisors


Mauricio Cardenas

Former Minister of Finance and Public Credit in Colombia

Gonzalo 1

Gonzalo Ramirez Martiarena

Independent Entrepreneur


Ric Rheinhart

Executive Director Emeritus of the Specialty Coffee Association

"The partnership with farmer connect is delivering on many levels. Our trade partners appreciate this innovative use of technology in our supply chain. Our consumers appreciate the transparency which is positively influencing purchase. Segafredo Storia is not just about the taste, it is about meeting the makers of your coffee and getting to know them, their homeland, and their stories... It is about creating a more personal connection with your coffee"
Alberto Lusini Head of Northern Europe Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group

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