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farmer connect joins forces with Scantrust™ enabling traceability and preventing counterfeit


farmer connect® joins forces with Scantrust enabling traceability and preventing counterfeit

[01.10.2022]: ]: Ranti brand coffee from cooperative Asociación de Producción Agropecuaria Santa Mónica de Galápagos (ASOSAMOGAL), in Galapagos, now features an authenticity check and source of origin feature to minimize the possibility of fraud caused by counterfeiters. The coffee is now selling in conjunction with international coffee day all over Galapagos and western Ecuador.

How it works

 Via the farmer connect ThankMyFarmer™ web-based app, anyone with a camera-equipped smartphone can scan the secure QR code found on each and every Ranti coffee package. This reveals the provenance details and product authenticity of the Ranti coffee thanks to a copy-detection feature that is uniquely possible with Scantrust secure QR codes.  Consumers are able to trace the origins of the Ranti coffee label through a visual product journey map and find out more about the producer that grew the raw goods. 

Ranti: a rare and special coffee

Galapagos is challenging for coffee growers as it is a protected area with rich biodiversity. Thus, producers on the island have to find ways to produce their coffee in compliance with specific regulations, ensuring a continued protection of the unique biodiversity. There are only two Denomination of Origins for Coffee in Ecuador, one of them is Cafe de Galapagos.

Ranti is fully organic and with every purchase, consumers are directly supporting the coffee growing family from San Cristobal Island, who are also the the first to start using this technologically innovative coffee-labeling program.

Kristian Doolan, Head of Innovation and Partnerships at farmer connect, whose been leading the project on the farmer connect side shares: “The collaboration with Scantrust is very exciting and proves that advanced technologies can come together and be complimentary providing real impact and value for smallholder farmer groups."

"At Scantrust, we are truly excited about this cooperation between farmerconnect, Ranti and us. We’re flattered that our secure QR codes and The Authentication Oracle have earned the trust and privilege to protect coffee from Galapagos, one of the rarest coffee production areas in the world, from counterfeiting. Our system is securing connections between the farmers of Galapagos and the final consumers enjoying a truly special coffee product.” added Peter Kostur, the Director of Sales and Partnerships at Scantrust SA.

farmer connect® is a Swiss based tech company that enables the unlocking of benefits along global supply chains, connecting farmers to consumers, and everyone in between. It helps small holder farmers to connect digitally to the agriculture supply chain, and its blockchain technology ensures traceability and data validation by all parties.  

About Scantrust 

Scantrust SA is Swiss based anti-counterfeiting and product traceability solution provider with specialization in connecting and authenticating products via Secure QR codes. Scantrust helps brands all over the world prevent counterfeiting, improve product and supply chain traceability, and create new channels for consumer engagement. 


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About farmer connect®

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Switzerland, farmer connect® is a Swiss based tech company that enables the unlocking of benefits along global food and beverage supply chains through its end-to-end traceability solutionThey have developed a traceability platform that consists of three products: ConnectHub, ThankMyFarmer™ and FarmerID. Together these allow for data to flow automatically, with the right permissions, all the way from farm level to where multi-stakeholder data is consolidated and where reporting occurs, and then ultimately, to the consumer. Their traceability solutions are designed to support increased trust, efficiency, and sustainability by allowing for the secure sharing of data as well as the exchange and tracking of information and payments.

About the farmer connect traceability platform

farmer connect®  is built around three main products: FarmerID, ConnectHub and ThankMyFarmerTM.

FarmerID is a digital wallet solution based on Self-Sovereign Identity, which allows farmers to connect to the agriculture supply chain, empowering them with their own digital identity and record of financial transactions.

ConnectHub, built on blockchain, is the portal to all farmer connect tools that enable the management of data across multiple stakeholders throughout the supply chain. ConnectHub gives visibility across the product and fund journeys.

ThankMyFarmer™ is a web-based app that allows your customers and business partners, by scanning a QR code on pack, to trace the origins and quality of a product and learn about origin communities and sustainability programs.