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Farmer Connect's vision is to "Humanize consumption through technology." We think tech should bring people together, make the world smaller, empower the individual and small business while reducing costs and inefficiencies for global enterprises. We do that through several emerging technologies, such as blockchain, self-sovereign identity, and artificial intelligence, but we also know when to keep it simple. Results matter.

Our work ethic is driven by our values: do real things, don't be greedy, focus on results, move fast, and be the best at what you do. If those resonate with you or your business, we'd love to hear from you or grab a coffee at the next convention.


So, what does that mean, really?

We help farmers connect to the supply chain with the Farmer ID app, get proof of their identity and income so they can get loans, help businesses (like coops, exporters, importers, and traders) store & share information about their products, and share that story through the Thank My Farmer app when you scan a QR code. You can subscribe to updates on sustainability projects (categorized by the UN Sustainable Development Goals) in the farmers' community, support them with the app, and share what you learn and do on social media.

We'll be expanding into other products as early as this year.

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Easy. Fast. Secure.

Farmer Connect is built around a blockchain core, powered by IBM, which allows for the safe & private storage and sharing of business data. We've expanded our reach by allowing partners to upload information through forms and excel templates, as well as full system integration through APIs. 

No matter the terrain or continent, farmers can participate in our ecosystem through an application called Farmer ID (launching early 2020) which combines an identity wallet with business transactions to put control of personal data into the farmers' hands.

All that information can be analyzed in-house or shared with the consumer.  We think everyone benefits when consumers know where their products come from, and we make that possible at scale. From boutique experiences to the largest manufacturers, consumption can be a window to the world, as unique as the people who provide it, and deeply human.

And all that is just the beginning.


Big Coffee Sellers Use Blockchain To Connect Farmers And Customers

Jul 15, 2020



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