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Supply chain traceability for trusted data

A traceability solution for trusted and auditable data on sustainability to address your compliance and reporting needs.

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supply chain traceability


End-to-end traceability solutions for every supply chain.


A traceability platform that can easily be integrated into your enterprise systems.

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Connect your organisation into a value-generating network spanning global supply chains.


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Our mission is to bring trust into supply chains.  
We believe traceability is key for a future proof business, in a new era of accountability and trust. Traceability is no longer just a "nice to have", it is a prerequisite for conducting business, sustainably. 

Supply chain traceability for compliance and ESG

Track and trace trusted data for regulatory compliance and reporting. Managed from one place. 
farmer connect offers traceability from farm gate across the whole supply chain, including data on sustainability and transactions. Our solution integrates seamlessly with third party system i.e. satellite assessments or certifications. 
EUDR Compliance
Collect and report on your ESG compliance requirements and KPIs.
        Commodity agnostic ✅

Trusted traceability, at your fingertips. 

From the first mile digitalization to reliable reporting. We allow you to trace and report on your sustainability.

Regulatory Compliance

Assess your product journey to meet relevant regulations such as EUDR or Sanction zones and prove your compliance. 


Trusted Origin Data

Map and digitise your first mile. Issue identities, register certificates and growing practices, and enhance transparency and robustness in supply chains.

ESG Reporting

Measure & report on environmental, social and corporate governance data across your supply chain.


Record farmer and farm information to field polygon level, overcoming transparency challenges and providing your customers with a "stamp of trust". 


Centralised Data

Consolidate data from across even the most complex supply chains, and ensure consistent tracking of your sustainability data.


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“We are excited to partner with farmer connect to pave the way for deforestation-free coffee in line with European regulation. farmer connect offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for EUDR alignment, providing highly automated deforestation assessments via a third party and full interoperability.”

Raphaelle Hemmerlin, Head of Technology and Innovation, Sucafina


The EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)


Need help getting your supply chain ready for the EUDR?  We're here to help.  
An important requirement for compliance is linking your product/commodity to the precise geo coordinates of where it was grown. 
The December 30th 2024 deadline is approaching. Get in touch with us now and be prepared ahead of time.

Partnered with

Trade in Space
How do I demonstrate traceability of origin and prove my product/commodity is deforestation free?

Ensuring compliance with the EUDR necessitates precise knowledge of your products' or raw materials' origins, right down to their exact geographical coordinates. Our solution enables you to, in one place, gather all necessary source data and easily produce and share audit reports, as well as prove absence of deforestation through precise providence mapping down to the polygon level of a production area.  

What reports can I generate with farmer connect?

You’ll be able to create and export traceability reports linked to specific lots or batches of your products, these will retrieve various data points, such as any certificates, farmers or other community members, geolocation data, and deforestation and other compliance assessments linked to the items specified in the report. You can also export a report of all your locations at origin, i.e. farms, plots or growing areas, and the results of any deforestation or other assessments at this location.

Can you provide additional details on your partnership with Trade in Space ?

farmer connect offers a complete EUDR solution for seamless regulatory compliance. Within our platform, clients consolidate their data, including origin geolocation information, into a unified system, simplifying traceability report generation for specific product lots or batches.

Through our partnership with Trade in Space (TiS), any geolocation data can be assessed for deforestation, the result of which is seamlessly integrated throughout our solution and reporting.Trade in Space harnesses various data sources to deliver a high frequency and high resolution system. This ensures comprehensive and timely monitoring of origin locations for deforestation evidence. While TiS is our current preferred partner, we're open to integrating and leveraging other systems, assessments, and databases for deforestation and other assessments in the future.

But aren't you limited to Coffee and Cocoa?

No, our platform is commodity-agnostic, meaning we can support a wide range of commodities including multi-commodity supply chains. Currently, we are working primarily with soft commodity sectors such as coffee, cocoa, shea, rubber, timber, and vegetable oils, however, the core of our platform is designed to adapt and provide value across diverse supply chain landscapes.

Our interoperable solution allows you to 

Get data from the first mile and use satellite data and polygon mapping to prove your products are free from deforestation
Seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure to assure a maximum degree of automation and efficiency
Collect trusted data and report on your compliance and ESG needs in one system
Track and trace seamlessly from the first mile of your product’s journey until the end consumer

Supply chain traceability that provides clarity and control where it matters most

Our platform enables farm to shelf traceability and is built on the premise of driving ESG impact. 

With our supply chain traceability software, seamlessly consolidate and link your suppliers' data to the chain of custody in one trusted system for compliance, reporting and end consumer engagement.

trusted data for traceable supply chains

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We're a tech company that helps unlock benefits along global supply chains through our end-to-end traceability solution. We operate on a hybrid product and project basis, focusing first and foremost on client pain, solving it with a combination of tools we develop, off-the-shelf specialised tools, and third-party partners.  

We can visually show how goods travel from origin to consumer, as well as payments from entities back to origin. Our traceability solutions are designed to support increased trust, efficiency, and sustainability within food and beverage supply chains by allowing for the secure sharing of data as well as the exchange and tracking of information and payments.

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