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End-to-end supply chain mapping solutions

Seamlessly visualize and map your supply chain with ConnectHub.

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supply chain mapping solutions

Our solution enables you to

  • Comprehend your supply chain's complexities comprehensively
  • Leverage trusted data from the first mile
  • Ensure deforestation-free products with polygon mapping
  • Establish connections within your supply chain
  • Identify potential risks and take proactive measures
  • Enhance consumer engagement
With TMF2-min

Record product trace information on the blockchain.

Visually map and zoom into product traces.

Seamless sharing of trace information with partners and clients.

 Proud to be sucafina's traceability agent 

Effortlessly map your entire supply chain

on our world map interface

Visualise the value within your supply chain comprehensively and establish connections among diverse contact points spanning from raw material sources to the final product destination.

end-to-end supply chain mapping

Pinpoint exact harvesting down to the plot land, transaction, and transport coordinates to gain invaluable insights into even the most intricate supply chains.

Empower your supply chain

Mapping out your supply chain is a crucial step to lay the foundation for building a risk management, due diligence, and responsible sourcing programme in your supply chain.
At farmer connect we help you understanding and visualising your product's journey enabling you to report on sustainability, improve the visibility of your supply chain.

Start fortifying your supply chain transparency effortlessly with farmer connect

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