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Reporting solutions

End-to-end data collection and reporting.

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reporting solutions

Deliver customisable reports with our end-to-end traceability solution for all relevant reporting requirements and risk assessments.

Our platform goes beyond just mapping. It simplifies the visualization of your entire product journey, from the farm to final destination. We help businesses identify the actors and processes involved in production, transformation, transportation, and distribution.

✅ This data is then consolidated for your reporting and compliance needs. 

traceability reporting

Revolutionise your reporting processes and bring transparency to your supply chain.

Analyse the data and gain insights into your value chain.

Share credible traceability reports backed by a secure, immutable ledger, with business partners and investors.
Connect information to identify actionable areas.
Report on Corporate Social Responsibility goals, fulfil reporting & regulatory requirements.

Ready to future proof your reporting process? 

Visualising data has never been this easy

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data visualisation

Supply chain data can be visually presented in dashboards, allowing you to explore risk areas and generate detailed reports for audit purposes.

Why farmer connect? 


CSR Reporting

Generate detailed reports on your CSR goals and regulatory compliance requirements. 

audit ready platform

Actionable Intelligence

Consolidate information to uncover valuable insights and areas for improvement.

EUDR compliance

Secure Data

Provide your business partners and investors with credible traceability reports backed by a secure, immutable ledger in GS1 standards.

Transform the way you manage reporting with our comprehensive end-to-end solutions, covering every step from data collection to final reporting.

Across the entire value chain, the data is captured in GS1 standards, assuring interoperability and compliance with EUDR requirements.

Start now. Partner with farmer connect and demonstrate EUDR compliance before December 2024.👇

reporting solutions

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