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Frequently Asked Questions


When was farmer connect founded?

Founding year: 2019

What is the farmer connect platform? 

The farmer connect platform is made up of a set of tools (ThankMyFarmer™, FarmerID, ConnectHub) that can be used to solve business cases tied to traceability or shared data, in collaboration with our customer success teams. We can trace any physical product as well as the movement of money. We focus our marketing efforts on agricultural, food, and beverage companies.

What is farmer connect's mission?

We think tech should bring people together, make the world smaller, empower the individual. We do that through several emerging technologies, such as blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity, and artificial intelligence.

We help businesses secure the trust of partners and customers along the supply chain and support them in their journey towards sustainability.

What technologies do you use?

An important technology behind our solutions is IBM’s Blockchain Transparent Supply platform, which we have enhanced with additional customizations for the food and beverage supply chains.

Other technologies include scalable cloud services for secure hosting & storage (Microsoft Azure), business intelligence software for customized reports (PowerBI), and self-sovereign identity for storing & managing personal identifiable information (e.g., producer data) with the help of Trinsic’s platform.

What kind of blockchain does farmer connect use?

We are using a SaaS platform - IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply (BTS) - to leverage blockchain. BTS is powered by Hyperledger Fabric, a private & permissioned (enterprise) blockchain.

Private in this context means that actors are selectively admitted to the (business) network. Permissioned means that actors are identifiable, assigned roles in the network, and can perform actions based on their assigned role.

Can you handle other commodities and blends?

Yes, we can trace anything! We may have to model a product we haven't traced before, or if you have a particular supply chain, but we're flexible.

In which countries are you allowed to operate in?

For the moment in all countries except the following: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), Central African Republic, China (PRC), Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Philippines, Republic of South Sudan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, U.A.E, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. 

Are you compliant with GDPR (or other local privacy frameworks)?

farmer connect enables GDPR- and LGPD-compliant data sharing via our platform. In simple words, Personally Identifying Information (PII) about an individual is shared with organizations that either have direct contractual relations with the individual (controller & data subject). If there is no direct contractual relationship, the individual (data subject) has to give explicit permission before their PII is shared.

How does farmer connect benefit producers in origin?

We increase the value of origin data and help our clients push value back upstream. The producer gets digital personal and business data records that have been entered and/or verified by trusted parties in the international supply chain, which they can use to access additional services (education, insurance, financing, crop nutrition, crop protection, certification, premiums, prizes)

Can you trace payments to farmers / projects?

Yes. Talk to us about how that can link you to farmer data and strengthen your supply chain.
""Supply chain traceability is about being able to guarantee to premium customers that you get what you pay for. As supply chains become visible, efficiencies are obtained, ultimately resulting in a larger share of the pie for farmers, helping to secure the economic viability of their farms. Both consumers and producers benefit.""