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Our traceability and compliance solutions

Easy visualisation, interoperable, scalable.

One trusted system for regulatory compliance, to elevate ESG sustainability efforts, and make a tangible impact. 

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Our platform helps you track & trace your product's supply chain from its source to the end consumer.
We design end-to-end traceability solutions that are designed to assist you in gathering trusted data to report on your sustainability, and ensure your compliance with regulations.
Our solutions

Why choose us ?

Simple, interoperable, scalable.

Structured & clear data visualisation.

First mile data & visibility.

Consumer centric and value driven team.

Blockchain-backed traceability

Our blockchain-backed traceability provides data security, immutability and fine grained access control. The use of GS1 standard data format allows interoperability with existing IT infrastructure.
We are offering off-the-shelf options and subscription-based models.
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One platform with all the tools you need

Our traceability solutions can be fully integrated into your existing infrastructure to assure a maximum degree of automation and efficiency.
traceability solutions

FieldConnect enables offline source level transactions, even in remote areas with limited or NO connectivity. Upon regaining internet access, effortlessly upload data to ConnectHub, ensuring supply chain integrity.


FarmerID is a digital wallet solution based on Self-Sovereign Identity, which allows farmers to connect to the agriculture supply chain, empowering them with their own digital identity and record of financial transactions.


ConnectHub is your portal to all the farmer connect tools that enable the management of data across multiple stakeholders throughout the supply chain. ConnectHub gives visibility across the product and fund journeys.

The technology behind what we do

At farmer connect, we embrace agile and customer-centric software development, we focus on the solution-layer of the software stack, and work with partners when it comes to specialisation. Some of the technologies we use:



IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply
Blockchain-based traceability engine


Trinsic Self-Sovereign Identity
Digital infrastructure for building identity products


Microsoft Azure 
Cloud computing platform


 Scalable programmable-SMS platform with global reach

Customer centric solutions for your business

Digitalization and Centralization

Our end-to-end traceability solutions enable the digitalization and centralization of data, addressing operational challenges and building trust across the entire supply chain.

trusted data

White Paper: Building Trust in a Collaborative Ecosystem

Our White Paper discusses the importance of prioritising farmers in data collection for regulatory compliance and sustainability in supply chains. 

Building Trust White Paper

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