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The Living Income Module Project: Bridging the Living Income Gap for Cocoa Farmers

We’re thrilled to be able to work together with Rainforest Alliance, and their partners IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Cloetta, on the Living Income Module pilot Project, which addresses two problems: the low income of farmers and the value distribution in the cocoa supply chain.

Approximately 87% of cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast earn less than a living income and so, our mission with this project is to help these farmers by creating a thriving and economically stable community for them.

“At Cloetta we’re inspired to participate in this pilot project. Firstly, to support the farmers, and secondly to bring our consumers closer to the people growing their chocolate” says Maria Selling, Cloetta’s Sustainability Manager. Earning a living income means that farmers would earn a net annual household income that affords them and the members of their household a decent standard of living.

By using our blockchain technology to validate payments going directly to farmers, we create trust along the supply chain to improve farmers’ incomes towards a living income. Our technology allows the tracking of payments going to farmers, but also enable participants to calculate and address the living wage gap.

We hope that by bringing traceability and transparency to the supply chain, we are helping strengthen connections along the supply chain by enabling everyone to make a difference.

We’re honoured to be working on this pilot project and it's great to see yet another powerful initiative, that uses blockchain technology, in action.

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