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Unlocking the value of end-to-end supply chains

Our CEO, Michael Chrisment, recently joined the IBM Food Trust Summit to talk about how farmer connect© is connecting coffee companies into a value generating network spanning global supply chains. Through our platform, organizations can offer digitalized traceability. This gives them an advantage over their non-traceable competitors and also allows them to integrate traceability into their sustainability projects.

Through our project together with Cloetta and Rainforest Alliance, our goal is to help farmers in the Ivory Coast earn a living income. By using our blockchain technology to validate payments going directly to the farmers, we create trust along the supply chain and help to improve farmer incomes.

UCC Coffee and Orang Utan Coffee are helping protect the endangered Sumatran Orangutan in the Gayo Highlands and through using farmer connect technology, not only do we enable the tracking and tracing of the coffee, but we give consumers the opportunity to contribute to sustainability projects in origin helping support the critically endangered orangutan.

Together with Cooxupé, the largest coffee cooperative in the world, we connect the farmers they work with to the value chain and in doing so, give visibility to the hard work that they do on the ground. Specifically at times such as now, with the frosts that have been destroying a lot of their crops, it’s important for us to recognise and appreciate the work that the farmers have put into delivering coffee to consumers around the world.  

With the help of our technology, Amazon’s Happy Belly Coffee can compare the performance of their traceable products vs. their normal products and provide claims related to traceable coffee from a sustainable stand point. They can also engage their consumers in the product journey, helping build a stronger connection between farmers and consumers.

Our partnership with UCC, Supremo, Volcafe, Hema and the Colombian federation of coffee shows the power of different partners across the supply chain coming together and working towards building a more sustainable and transparent supply chain.

By using our blockchain technology, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group dedicated an entirely new brand, Segafredo Storia, to share the stories of the farmers behind the coffee. By scanning the QR code on each package, consumers can learn more about the coffee origin and variety, plantation and harvest time, transport, roasting and packaging.

farmer connect© is joining the dots in a way that was impossible before, shining a light on opportunities for incremental profitability and growth and building more sustainable business.

As the African saying goes, if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far, go together.

Team farmer connect