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EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) compliance solution

Easy visualisation, interoperable, scalable. One trusted system for regulatory compliance, to elevate ESG sustainability efforts, and make a tangible impact. 

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We're here for your EUDR journey

Prepare for the imminent enforcement of the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and demonstrate that the provenance of your raw materials are deforestation-free.

Provide evidence through precise origin, mapping down to the polygon level of production areas with our solutions. We consolidate all the data needed for your compliance needs.

What is the EUDR ? 


The European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) will establish strict measures to prevent companies from placing products on the EU that are linked to deforestation or forest degradation. It will also be illegal to export such products from the EU.

Operators and large traders will need to demonstrate origin, including geo coordinates in an auditable manner, to prove the product/commodity is deforestation free.

The Regulation text was officially approved by the European Parliament on April 19th 2023 and was published in the EU Official Journal 9th June 2023. Companies will need to be compliant by end of 2024.

Get to know all the requirements with our EUDR Guide.

How do I demonstrate traceability of origin and prove my product/commodity is deforestation free?

Ensuring compliance with the EUDR necessitates precise knowledge of your products' or raw materials' origins, right down to their exact geographical coordinates. Our solution enables you to, in one place, gather all necessary source data and easily produce and share audit reports, as well as prove absence of deforestation through precise providence mapping down to the polygon level of a production area.

Who pays to be compliant with EUDR?

Costs associated with adherence typically fall on the businesses and entities involved in the importation of the concerned commodities that are linked to deforestation. These may include companies in industries such as agriculture, forestry, food production, and retail. Entities subject to the regulation are responsible for ensuring that their supply chains comply with the requirements, which may involve implementing systems for traceability, due diligence, and reporting.

But aren't you limited to Coffee and Cocoa?

No, our platform is commodity-agnostic, meaning we can support a wide range of commodities including multi-commodity supply chains. Currently, we are working primarily with soft commodity sectors such as coffee, cocoa, shea, rubber, timber, and vegetable oils, however, the core of our platform is designed to adapt and provide value across diverse supply chain landscapes.

How are polygons collected?

There are multiple ways polygons can be collected. This can be done manually through using satellite imagery or geospatial software providers and manually mapping these areas, or this can be done by on-ground data collection, using GPS devices or smartphone apps with GPS capabilities to record coordinates of a specific area. Once collected and digitized, these polygons can then be uploaded to our solution in a standard GeoJSON format.

What reports can I generate with farmer connect?

You’ll be able to create and export traceability reports linked to specific lots or batches of your products, these will retrieve various data points, such as any certificates, farmers or other community members, geolocation data, and deforestation and other compliance assessments linked to the items specified in the report. You can also export a report of all your locations at origin, i.e. farms, plots or growing areas, and the results of any deforestation or other assessments at this location.

Our EUDR compliance solutions 

Why farmer connect ?


Source level data

Leverage Trusted data down to the polygon of land where it was sourced.


Supply chain mapping

Map your supply chain and assess risks early on.

audit ready platform

Audit ready platform

Collect & store required due diligence information.

EUDR compliance

EUDR compliance

Provide data on lot or invoice level.

Map your supply chain. Report on your sustainability. We'll help you be compliant.  

✅ Capture and manage data from the first mile.

✅ Record data directly from the plot of land, and prove that your raw materials are free from deforestation.

✅Across the entire value chain, data is captured in GS1 standards, assuring interoperability and compliance with EUDR requirements.

Start now. Partner with farmer connect and be compliant before 30th December 2024.👇


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Our solution creates a seamless end-to-end traceability system across your organization, ensuring that no link in your chain is left unconnected, allowing you to visualize the value within your supply chain comprehensively.

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