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Connecting Finnish coffee lovers with their cup of coffee

On the 1st of October the Massimo Zanetti Group together with Meira, a Finnish roaster, launched their first ever traceable coffee in Finland. At a local press event, the mystery behind the beautiful Segafredo Storia pack was finally revealed. Through using farmer connect® technology, Meira offers consumers the opportunity to trace their cup of Segafredo Storia coffee all the way from the plantations in Honduras to the Vallila roastery in Finland.

By scanning the QR code on pack, consumers will land on a designated ThankMyFarmer™ page, where they can learn more about what variety of coffee they have bought, where the coffee was grown, and which farms have grown it.

As consumers are increasingly becoming more and more interested in knowing the origin of the products they buy, we hope that by bringing traceability and transparency to the supply chain, we can help not only strengthen connections along the supply chain, but help support consumers by offering them more sustainable options.

We were honoured to be able to join the Finnish launch of Segafredo Storia at their recent press event and talk more about blockchain traceability and farmer connect®. Considering that Finnish people are among the world's biggest coffee drinkers, we are thrilled to be helping transform their coffee experience through traceability and transparency.

We are excited to be be taking this next step towards building a more sustainable and transparent future.

Team farmer connect