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Susanne Emonet joins farmer connect as CEO

farmer connect is happy to announce that Susanne Emonet has joined farmer connect as its Chief Executive Officer.

She brings with her a wealth of experience in business, innovation, digitalisation, marketing and strategy, having worked for Swiss based start-ups as well as global engineering and tech company, Bosch, and the global leader in digital security and convergent media solutions, Kudelski Group. 

Susanne loves to do things with dedication and full heart, motivating those around her. Since her first internship in a start-up., Susanne has been certain she belonged in the start-up space, where she could create direct impact. Although her path led her to a company with 400,000 people, a relative stretch for the term "startup", she is excited to be able to venture back into the start-up environment, where she can create and work in an ecosystem across different organisations of different sizes and expertise. She is driven to create value and impact, and with her diverse set of experiences and fresh set of eyes, we believe she will do just that. 

Stefano Rettore, Chairman of farmer connect, comments: “I am very pleased to welcome Susanne to farmer connect at this exciting time for the industry. As stakeholders around the world demand more visibility into the food systems, Susanne, with her leadership and expertise, is ideally positioned to lead the incredible team at farmer connect to deliver end-to-end traceability solutions to the global food supply chains”. 

farmer connect's founder, David Behrends, also adds: "When launching farmer connect, we knew the agriculture industry needed to evolve.  However, we never could have foreseen the speed at which brand commitments toward becoming carbon neutral, regulators push for deforestation free products fully respecting human rights and consumers desire for farmers to earn a living wage would accelerate the necessity of fully traceable supply chains in such a short period of time.  This complexity requires a unique leader, who combines both technological expertise and incredible leadership skills.  While it took some time, I am thrilled to have Susanne join us as the CEO of farmer connect."

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I am excited and happy to join an incredible team that is driven to create impact for our customers and with

our customers, using technology to address real needs.”

- Susanne Emonet 


We look forward to the exciting year ahead. We believe together we will be achieving a great many things. 

A warm welcome from the whole team,