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Building a more connected ecosystem

Throughout 2021 our team has been working hard on bringing to life the new Connect Hub. Today, we are excited to announce the BETA launch with seven selected clients being the first to test out the experience. The goal with Connect Hub is to move away from segregated products into one connected ecosystem in order to build an easier and more connected navigation experience.

The Connect Hub brings together into one interface the opportunity for our clients to see who else is in the market for traceable goods, to make use of their data for traceability reporting, to manage ThankMyFarmer™ projects and products, and to interact with the community digitally via the Community Builder.

We’re also in the process of transitioning from using elements of our legacy interface, backed by IBM, to our own. For example, the new features Network, Community Builder, and Traceability Reporting are fully built using our own interface. This helps create a more consistent experience for our clients when using the farmer connect® solution.

Using the Network feature, clients are able to see who the different participants in the ecosystem are, what segments they operate in, in what countries and in what businesses. This brings visibility to the market of traceable goods and enables our clients to discover potential businesses they could work with.

The Community Builder is a cloud-based solution to help businesses digitize the first mile. One can build a digital record of all farmer sales and other interactions /activities that can be associated with the trace of a product from farmer all the way to the consumer. It’s a place to record transactions, manage payments and premiums as well as to attach credentials to farms.

Our goal by bringing everyone together into one integrated ecosystem, is to deliver an easy to use and trusted end-to-end traceability solution. And we’re thrilled to be so close to rolling out the full version of the Connect Hub.

If you are one of our existing business clients and interested in being a BETA user, you can contact us here: