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Thank My Farmer app open to support COVID-19 affected coffee/cacao supply chains!

We are now offering to upload and support projects through Thank My Farmer outside of current partners and clients!


On January 7th, Thank My Farmer was launched at CES in Las Vegas. 

Since then, our everyday life has changed drastically and nobody is left untouched. 

Many of us feel the need to help now and especially to the ones directly linked to us. Thank My Farmer allows us as end consumers and companies to support projects via the app by direct payments with credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.   

How it works: 

  1. Sign up for an account (it’s free).

  2. Send us the details about your project and the beneficiary organization.

  3. The project will be accessible through the app and website.

  4. Link the project to your relevant channels to gain traction and support. 

That’s it – anyone can now access and directly support the project!

Last good news for today:

Our Farmer ID app is being piloted in Rwanda and Vietnam this month, allowing the participating farmers to digitally confirm received payments!

If you want to more know more about Thank My Farmer or Farmer ID app, please contact us:

Stay safe & sound!   

Your Farmer Connect Team