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Atlantic Grupa joins forces with farmer connect® to launch fully traceable coffee into new markets

We’re thrilled to welcome Atlantic Grupa onto the farmer connect® platform, bringing fully traceable coffees from both Grand Kafa and Barcaffé brands into Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia – and adding three new markets for farmer connect®.

By leveraging our blockchain technology, both Grand Kafa and Barcaffé, have launched a new range of single origin coffees, fully traceable all the way from Brazil and Rwanda. Consumers can engage with the story of how the bean made it to their cup simply by scanning an on-pack QR code.

The launch of these products was enriched with outstanding pack artwork, celebrating the colours and nature of the origin countries. We were honoured to be able to join the Serbian launch of these beautiful new coffees in their recent press event and talk more about blockchain traceability and farmer connect®. We love seeing the conversation around traceability grow.

Supporting farmers and sharing their story is at the heart of our business. For us, it's not just a cup of coffee, it’s a way of building a real connection with the people, and through our Thank My Farmer™ platform, consumers of Grand Kafa and Barcaffé can learn more about the farmers behind these new coffees and support local sustainability projects directly in the origin countries. For more information about these projects: ,

It’s great to have Atlantic Grupa on board with us! We're proud to have such an innovative company on the farmer connect® platform and we look forward to growing our collaboration together.

Team Farmer Connect​