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New product traceability map on ThankMyFarmer™

Looking back a few years, consumers didn’t put much thought into the supply chains of the products they bought. They would purchase a product without much knowledge about where it came from, how it was produced and by whom. Since the pandemic hit two years ago, consumer demands have shifted. More emphasis is being put onto sustainability and supply chain traceability. Consumers today want to understand supply chains better.

As a response to this shift, we wanted to improve our previous simple visualization of a map to an enhanced product traceability map, where we enable consumers to get a more in depth understanding of where the products they buy come from.

Comparing to the old map, where consumers could only see a few clickable labels indicating only the facility name, this new map displays more information. With each location on the map, there is a corresponding tile below showing us the facility name, description of what happens there, town and the country, highlighting the product’s current location. There is also a flag icon indicating where the raw materials originate from.

With this new map we help transform the consumers product experience. Not only will they see a few distant points on a map, but they can dive deeper into the product journey, traveling along with it and learning more about each location the product travels through. In addition, we also introduced a new way of navigating the map, where visitors by swiping right can view all the consecutive steps.


“Not only will they see a few distant points on a map, but they can dive deeper into the product journey”




Allowing consumers to experience and be a part of the product journey plays a significant role in building the connection between farmers and consumers.

At farmer connect©, through implementing end-to-end traceability solutions to product supply chains, we give consumers the opportunity to learn more about the products they buy and by doing so, encourage more sustainable consumption. It is also a way of bridging the gap that has previously existed between producers and consumers, and everyone else along the supply chain.


Supply chain traceability can enable businesses to identify bottlenecks and any other issues along the supply chain that require action. By building a connected ecosystem, we are connecting coffee and cocoa companies into a value generating network spanning global supply chains.

Integrating the product map into ThankMyFarmer™ is a crucial part toward building a network of businesses, all working towards delivering intelligent insights and empowering action.

We’re thrilled that through using our map, our partners provide their consumers with the opportunity to learn more about where their cup of coffee or piece of chocolate comes from.

Team farmer connect