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ThankMyFarmer™ Global & Japan Launch

The wait is finally over!

Today on the 1st of October, International Coffee Day, we are launching our new ThankMyFarmer™ platform both in Japan and globally, which includes new features to increase the appeal and engagement with the platform.

In partnership with Itochu, we conducted consumer research to better understand how we could develop ThankMyFarmer ™ to cater to Japanese coffee lovers. We know Japan is a unique market and that Japanese coffee lovers have very specific interests and so we wanted to understand how best we could serve them. Our research has led us to where we are today, ready and excited to roll out our new ThankMyFarmer™ platform.

Our team has been working hard on ensuring that ThankMyFarmer™ provides its users with a unique experience. For consumers looking to learn more about coffee, a taste profile indicating coffee type, acidity, sweetness, body and intensity is available for brands to include within their product pages. Additionally, taste reviews from external reviewers, such as farmers, baristas and influencers, can be added to increase trustworthiness. But that’s not everything!

We’ve added a Trivia function onto the website, which features a daily quiz enabling consumers to learn fun coffee facts, collect digital rewards, and to even share their progress on their social networks.

The new ThankMyFarmer™ transforms the consumer experience by enabling them to learn something new each day. It also helps drive forward our mission of humanizing consumption through incentivizing consumers to revisit product pages and learn more about the people behind the coffee they buy. By updating the website design and adding all these new features, we hope to create a more engaging online experience.

Along with the launch of the new ThankMyFarmer™ platform, we are thrilled to have our new partner Philocoffea, a Japanese specialty coffee company, be the first brand to build a product page on ThankMyFarmer™ using the new functionalities.

Start exploring our new ThankMyFarmer™ here:

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