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New features available on ThankMyFarmer™

We recently rolled out our new ThankMyFarmer™ with a ton of new and exciting updates to firstly, add value for our clients and secondly, to make users' online experience more engaging.

The new features include the ability to add taste highlights and shareable reviews to product pages, and a fun Trivia quiz. We also updated the product journey map on ThankMyFarmer™, which you can read more about here.

An added taste profile, including coffee type, acidity, sweetness, body and intensity, provides visitors with a snapshot of the product taste, helping guide them with their purchase decision. Additionally, users can filter the products using these taste characteristics.

Clients can also add reviews from a number of people such as influencers, taste experts (e.g., q-graders, chefs, baristas), experts (e.g., quality control, master roasters,) and farmers. If a ThankMyFarmer™ visitor finds the reviews useful and relevant, they can then share them within their social social network.


Finally, to increase engagement and provide an incentive for people to return to the website, we added a trivia game, where players can collect digital rewards and test their knowledge on coffee. Each day as a user returns to the website, it’ll present them with a new coffee related question. Players can subscribe to trivia notifications to be reminded to check in daily for a new quiz question.

We highly recommend making use of these features if you haven’t already.

For any questions regarding, you can contact us at:

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