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Earlier this month Dutch high-street retailer HEMA and UCC Coffee joined forces with farmer connect® to bring fully traceable single-origin coffees, from hundreds of coffee growers around the world, into HEMA stores. Consumers are now able to trace these coffee blends directly to their origins – Rwanda, Vietnam and Colombia.  

We are delighted to be a part of supporting the expansion of traceable consumer goods in the coffee market. Considering recent shifts in consumer mindsets related to sustainable shopping, this partnership supports consumers by offering them sustainably sourced options. As Miguel Reguera, UCC’s Senior Coffee Buyer and Blockchain Project Leader adds: “our work so far with farmer connect® has proven that this technology allows our consumers to track and trace the entire life cycle of our coffees and helps them make more mindful shopping decisions.”

Through our Thank My Farmer platform, we can support farmers across the globe, who are working hard to bring high quality and sustainable coffee to us and through Thank My Farmer, we can directly help these local communities by donating to sustainability projects at origin.

Together with UCC, we have been supporting Orang Utan coffee with their mission to support both the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program and the coffee farmers in the region. You can read more about it here: and for other projects you can support:

It’s great to have UCC Coffee, their suppliers - FNC, Volcafe, and Supremo– and HEMA on board with us. We believe this partnership is a step forward in transforming the industry, and can also act as a roadmap for other players in the market!

Team farmer connect